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Education is not preparation for Life; Education is Life Itself

I continue to be inspired by this timeless John Dewey quote that is concurrent with the philosophies and approaches towards quality learning taken by us at Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School. This educational institution does not believe in run-of-the-mill dissemination of learning to students with only the aim of helping them succeed in examinations. True, examinations are part and parcel of life and while they have to be focused on, true learning does not stop at just that. Quality Education is not just restrained in books at Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School but also encompasses interactions, experiences and wisdom garnered from life itself which is our biggest teacher.

Our curriculum here at Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School has been thoughtfully tailored in order to help our pupils learn and grow by keeping themselves open and alive to new experiences, thoughts, philosophies and most importantly, their own talents, skills and aptitudes. Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School seeks to inculcate timeless values of honesty, integrity, hard work and social service in every child and we also strive to offer a well-rounded educational experience with ample scope for furthering the socio-cultural pursuits of pupils. We strive to offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that broaden the minds of our children and help them shape their innate talents.

We pride ourselves on our team of qualified and skilled faculty members who leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing their students for future challenges and help groom them into caring, responsible and aware citizens of India. Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School is part of an educational movement that aims at advancing India’s progress and this is only possible by playing our part in shaping the next generation of future leaders who will take the country to greater heights. At Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School, we strive to offer quality learning to children with the very best facilities and technology-based education. I feel privileged and honored to be a part of such an inspiring and fulfilling movement. After all, it is a matter of great pride when you see your own pupils winning laurels and spreading their wings with gusto.

On that note, let me thank everyone, right from our Chairman and Board of Trustees to our tireless and vibrant faculty and staff members, parents and most importantly, our dear children. School wouldn’t have existed or brought us even a quarter of happiness without you!

When we started our journey in the year 1992 by establishing the Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School under the aegis of the MDMS Children Education Society, I and my partners in the mission were only motivated by one burning desire- contribute to society through the advancement of education. We were and continue to be motivated by our mission of spreading quality education and helping in shaping the minds and hearts of India’s future visionaries, a prospect so fulfilling that it keeps us motivated and ready to give our 200% day in and day out.

Today, when I see Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School living up quite literally to its name and earning the trust of parents, students and the society at large, I reflect on our amazing journey over the years. I take a little pride in the accolades and laurels that our pupils and institution have garnered and then come back to the ageless lines of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore- Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till Your Goal is Reached.

Indeed, I would call this only the beginning of a many-layered journey and I draw the biggest motivation and inspiration each day from our children at Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School. They continue to be our biggest source of strength, wisdom and guidance in beautiful ways.

As Nelson Mandela rightfully said Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and we continue to be driven by our quest to offer the best education and grooming to our students in order to make them responsible, progressive and future-ready citizens ready to take up new challenges and expand their horizons. I must also thank everyone associated with Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School including my fellow founders, stakeholders, management and administrative staff, teachers, parents and students for their contribution towards making Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec. School a shining star in the contemporary educational lexicon. May it continue to rise!

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  • Monika
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Welcome to MDMS!

Maharishi Dayanand Model Sec School is one of the most prestigious schools, established in 1992 in Nangloi, Delhi. It is a private institution run by the Arya Eductional & Welfare Society.

It is a secondary school recognized by the Directorate of Education, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


The school follows the recommendations of the NCERT, Directorate of Education, Delhi and the CBSE.

The major focus of the school curriculum is to achieve academic excellence. The classroom teaching ensure to cater to the learning needs and abilities of students.

The School follows the CBSE’s Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

Academic Activities:

The school holds the following activities at the regular intervals:

Science Exhibition

Debate and Extempore

Writings Competitions

Co- Curricular Activities:

Counseling for students

Career Counseling

Educational Tours to museums, art galleries, exhibitions, historical monuments.

Picnics to resorts, special emphasis on games.

Elocutions, Debates, Mock Parliament, Essay and Poetry writing Competitions to sharpen cognitive skills

Workshops for Teaching and Learning skills Enhancement

Dabbling in fine Art through Dance, Drama, Painting and singing Competitions


Computer and IT labs – Equipped with the latest computer machine to enable students to master various skills of computer application and look to the future armed with acumen.

Library: It is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDS covering a variety of subjects

Science Lab: Mathematical activities conducted.

Music Room: The music classes are held for vocal and instrumental music.

Counseling Area: Observation Sessions, Psychological Assessments and Special Classes are held for children identified with academic or emotional concerns. This facilities the smooth and natural development of our young learners.

Yoga: Various asanas and breathing exercises are taught. The practice of several yogic postures and asanas has really enhanced the concentration abilities of our learns.

Gymnastics: is an important feature of our Health and Fitness Program with Specialist Studios and trained instructors.